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Serving Sacramento, Davis, and Northern California, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Travis Tollefson dedicates his attention to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face. His passion for the art of facial plastic surgery is seen in his attention to detail and commitment to excellence in patient care. Dr. Tollefson firmly believes that each patient’s treatment care plan must be individualized to create a balanced and natural result.

Dr. Tollefson specializes in rejuvenation of the face using both office-based treatments such as Botox and Restylane, as well as a full complement of surgical services including rhinoplasty, eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty), facelift, endoscopic browlift, laser surgery, and fat transfer. His extensive training in facial reconstruction also includes: skin cancer (Moh’s) defect repair, correction of eyelid ptosis, facial fractures in children and adults, treatment of facial paralysis (Bell’s palsy), microtia reconstruction, and other congenital facial deformities (e.g. cleft lip and palate).



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